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Outdoor terrace makeover. This rooftop terrace overlooking Double Bay demanded an upgrade immediately. Once a motel and now converted into a penthouse apartment this outdoor living space is quite superb. Originally it had built in concrete planter boxes that were over a meter in height that surrounded and obstructed the whole view when sitting down. The client wanted the softness and colour of flowers to surround the terrace and make it a relaxing place to sit or dine after a swim or enjoy a barbeque whilst taking in the views.

We removed all boxes and replaced them with contemporary antique white stone pots, filled with a variety of flowers, fruit trees and herbs and vegetables that would handle all day sun and high exposure. Staggered around the terrace edges to soften the modern lines of the glass railing and stone flooring without overcrowding the space.

The contemporary outdoor furniture compliments the stainless steel built in barbeque island and black tiled lap pool including a fabulous retractable umbrella that swivels around to create shade where needed. A modern contemporary apartment with low ceilings and aluminium glass doors and stone flooring really needed the input of colour, softness and warmth to make this feel like a home. To fulfil the clients brief we added a wall garden of greenery to the patio to bring the outside of nature inside their home and used bright warm textural furnishings to liven the space and compliment their existing art collection making it a place of comfort and style for entertaining.

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