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This very rundown terrace required a total rebuild leaving only two walls standing. Everything from a new roof, walls and flooring, tiling ,staircases, a new attic, heritage makeover to front of house , security windows and doors, wrought lattice work over new verandah , designer kitchen and bathrooms, garden and rear garage. The owners wanted to invest in this property to gain the maximum rental return having bought it for nix years ago.

Blackbutt flooring was used throughout, built in poly cabinetry throughout, a designer kitchen fit out and bold black tiles for the main bathroom, a gunmetal grey poly kitchen, washed brickwork outside and bamboo privacy screening used to shield property from neighbours, skylights added to attic extension and second bathroom to give ample light.

The value added to this property over a five month renovation was tenfold. With no brief from the owners who live abroad just a set budget we were able to really play with ideas and create a brand new home.


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