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This was a fast transformation on a huge 5 bedroom property in Lane Cove. The turnaround time was 3 weeks to completely transform this investment property to attract a high rent in a good area. Working to a tight budget we agreed to render the yellow brick property and paint it as new inside and out to keep up with other recently renovated properties in the street.

We professionally sprayed all the aluminium windows and doors inside and out in white to make them pop and look fresh against the Delux dark feature exterior wall colours. The kitchen cabinetry was sprayed as well to update the old timber cupboards and compliment the existing stone bench tops making it look more modern. All appliances remained as they were all good quality. All light fittings were selected and updated to modernise the home and new wool carpet was replaced throughout to give the home a feeling of plush comfort.

Internal stair rails were painted dark throughout, as well as landscaping was used to tidy and prepare the house giving it more kerb appeal on presentation. The client was incredibly happy with the outcome and the efficiency of delivery by NND.


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